About me

Hi, I’m Anton Murashov.

I’m passionate about numbers, and flying.

As one of the directors and founding partners of Quantstellation Group (www.quantstellation.com), a high-frequency trading firm with operations in USA, Brazil, India, Russia, Korea, and (previously) China, I  travel a lot for work, and got immersed more and more into the world of business travel.

Annoyed by always having to check-in for flights, and often forgetting it, I recently co-founded and am advising the Startup 1Checkin. We created a system that processes all your check-ins automatically, and are currently working on making life easier for frequent flyers, and people that value the simplicity of automated value-adding services through the click of a button within one app. If you are a frequent flyer, check out www.1check.in and stay tuned!

I have always loved and enjoyed flying, and today I own a helicopter licence as well as a multi-engine plane pilot licence in order to fly around the globe myself. I received the plane licence through SkyEagle Aviation Academy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. As those guys were doing a great job, I decided to add SkyEagle to my personal portfolio, and invested in the flight school, in order to help building the go-to place for everything related to flying planes!

As an Entrepreneur and Harvard Executive Education candidate, I am passionate about finding new solutions for problems, therefore, do not hesitate to contact me, maybe we can initiate a new exciting project!

Anton Murashov
Anton Murashov.